Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun Day at Sea and Heading Home

On our Fun Day at Sea, Bo and I tried to play miniature golf. Lets just say that you have to take it as a entertaining because there is no way you can take it seriously. Due to the wind and the movement of the boat the ball moves everywhere. I won one round and Bo won the other one.

I may sound like a snob,but and I never got in the pool on the cruise. Mostly because Bo and I both grew up with pools and the "big" pool on the ship was the size we grew up with and there were like a hundred people in there. I just can't swim with that many people in that small of a pool.
We didn't take our luggage off the ship with us. So we had to wait for our number to be called. We were lucky enough that we had a low number and we got off the ship pretty quickly.

Bo and I enjoyed our cruise so much that we are thinking we want to go on another one next year, but to a different location.

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