Monday, April 29, 2013

Deal, Deals, Deals

Kmart is having some wonderful deals on winter clearance right now. The jackets in the top picture were $3.99 a piece and everything in the other 2 pictures was $1.99.  Can't beat those prices.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What we have been up to?

 It has been a year since my dad died.  He donated his body to science and the university had a wonderful service honoring all those who donated their bodies over the past year.
 Boo decided that wearing a bathrobe is cool.  Most of the time he wears his sandals with it because he doesn't have any slippers.
Boo also has taken a real interest in music and Bo got out his guitar and he and Boo worked at it. Boo really loves a piano more than any other instrument. But a guitar will do in a pinch.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Palm Tree Table and Chair

Table Before - This Cars table has seen its better days, but I didn't want to get ride of it. 

Before Chair - The same as the table better days but didn't want to get rid of. 
 After Chair Back
 After Chair Front 
 After Table

Both the table and chair look new.  This new look cost us very little and it looks great. 
 This was such a fun project. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cleaning Up The Backyard

We have been really busy around our house.  Boo and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather so I can work outside while he plays.  
First project:  We have balls everywhere in our backyard, and we had this trash can left over from when we did curbside recycling. (Our city stopped - not us).  It is waiting for Bo to empty it out and drill a whole in the bottom to let water drain easily, and then it will be a perfect ball holder. 

 So no one will mistake it for a trash can.
 Second:  Tubs to hold things outside that I don't have room for inside or that I mostly use outside.  My mom has keep her beach towels outside by the pool for years.  We always knew where they were and we didn't track water in the house if we forgot one.

I got my Cricut out and labeled these two totes. The one labeled toys has things like bubbles, jump ropes, beach balls and side walk chalk in it.  All stored nicely in one place.  The Beach Towels one is self explanatory.  I love the ways these turned out.  More outside stuff to come in the next few days.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brown Bear Brownies

A friend of mine told me that for Valentine's Day she made heart shaped brownies for her daughter's class by making fudge brownies in  large cookie sheet. I decided to try it with a bear shape. I turned out great. 
 I would say the gooey-er the the better and don't let them completely cool before cutting them out.
The left over parts.  My friend said her husband suggested putting this part on top of ice cream.
I made these brownies for Zoo Weekend.  I have a love hate relationship with the zoo (any zoo actually) The alligator exhibit at our zoo is horrible and it just makes me so sad to see the alligator in his small enclosure.  I will say that he is suppose to get a new exhibit soon, but it seem to be taking them a long time to build .  My love part about the zoo is that is has an amazing playground and Boo just loves the train ride, and it has a nice walking area.  I also have to say our zoo has come a long way from when I was a kid.  I guess those memories have tainted me. 
The other day Boo and I were at the zoo.  We went there just to ride that train and see the new tigers.  As we were riding around I got to thinking if you don't like what you see help fix the situation.  When I got home the phone rang and I was asked to help make brownies for the Zoo weekend bake sale.  I know it is a small thing. but it is all I have time to help with this weekend.  Sometimes I think our heart is softened before we are asked to do a task because it is what we are suppose to do. If they had called me on any other day I would have told them I didn't have time, but this weekend I hope my little part helps bring improvement to the zoo and make those animals who live there lives a little better.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Outfit

I wanted to make a double breasted shirt as soon as I started thinking about Easter, but I couldn't find a pattern anywhere.  So my friend helped me out by drawing up a pattern for me. I think it turned out great and I just loved the 6 buttons down the front.  I have to admit I didn't like putting those 6 button holes on the shirt.  Yellow is not one of my favorite colors, but when I saw this fabric I just knew it was made for this suit. Boo didn't want to cooperate when having his picture taken.  There were just to many things to get into.  Next year will be a hard year for me because he will just have turned 3, and I don't want him to dress like an old man just yet so I'll have to be creative in what I dress him in.  I have a great husband who doesn't really mind how I dress Boo for church and special occasions, but I have stayed away from lace and tatting on my own.  So how do you dress your boys for Easter and other special occasions?