Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I don't usually talk about God or religion on my blog, but for once I'm going to change that. You can ignore this post now if you would like. Bo and I are participating in a Bible study at Church. Actually, we haven't been very good at keeping up with the reading, but the discussions have been amazing.
So this is my story on seeing God in the little things:
On Friday night Bo had a headache and needed two Advil. The only ones we could find were in my purse so he took the last two we had. On Saturday morning he insisted on going to get more just in case he needed them, even though his headache was gone.
Saturday afternoon as I was leaving our tailgating area to go with some friends I saw Bo come out of the building with the bathrooms. I stopped my group and told them I needed to go see him. I gave him his sunglasses and made sure he had everything he needed. As I went to walk away he asked for the Advil. I told him to put it in his shirt pocket, but he said no he needed to put them in his pants pocket because otherwise he would forget about them. I thought that was the end of the Advil.
When we were riding home that night he told me that he took a bathroom break during the game and there was a guy in there that looked like he was hurting. Bo asked what was wrong. They guy responded that he had a headache. Bo, who never remembers anything, said, "Hey, I have some Advil if you would like it." The guy was glad to take it and I'm sure it made is his night a lot better.
Bo and I both believe that this was more than just a coincidence, and a reminder that God even takes care of the little things in life.

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Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Amen! Way to recognize the blessing we can be to others if we listen to the little things.