Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Okay, I'm like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. I love to think of all the wonderful things that could be sitting under the tree on Christmas morning and I also love to think of wonderful gifts for my family and friends. Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year.

I have started to leave clues for Bo on different things I would like for Christmas. Bo and I are different than most couples our age because we have no children. So we are able to buy ourselves more extravagent gifts.

I have found this years wish list diverse and interesting:

First off I really want a Food Saver from QVC. How much fun would this be to help keep all my good deals on meat freezer safe for up to 6 months. I'm really hesitant on asking for this because I really don't know how much more room I have in my kitchen. So maybe I need to ask for a bigger kitchen and then a bigger house. See this could get out of hand pretty quickly. Man, QVC really has me sold on this. I remember my aunt having one of these when they first came out and I made hair bows with it. Now that seems like such an odd craft project.

The second thing I'm thiking about is something I always said that I didn't want an embroidery machine. I thought this especially when everyone and there sister had one. But now I think it would be a good thing to have and it would add to some of my sewing projects. I also think that this could wait until I have kids, but again this could be a lot of fun.

I love my PRISMA Color pencils so much that I want the PRISMA Color markers. I have a few and they are so much fun to work with. I seem to keep on drawing a picture of Bo in an Andy Warhol style over and over again. By the way I love Andy Warhol art making the ordinary look extra ordinary is an amazing task. In no way am I comparing myself to Andy Warhol, but I would love to see what I could do with these markers.

I have a great camcorder that Bo's parents gave us several years ago for Christmas and I love it. Bo and I have a tradition that when we go on vacation we interview each other at the end each night of our trip about what we liked and disliked the most about it. It has been so much fun to have, but I am really interested in the Flip because Bo comes up with these songs that are just amazing and crazy. (Two nights ago he came up with a new Thanksgiving song.) By the time I could get the camcorder out he forgets them. I love the idea of caring the Flip around in my purse along with my camera so they could be ready at a moments notice.

How cool is this bike!!! Bo and I went to Academy Sports the other day and I just feel in love with this bike. I mean who doesn't want to see a 32 year old, over weight woman ride down the road on a pink bicycle. I know I would have to stop and take a double take if I saw it. This would be the coolest thing under the tree. Sadly, I have been told that we do not have enough room for it in our storage building. So unless I get the bigger house I won't be able to get it. I would look so good ridding this bike.

So there it is my Christmas wish list. Will I get anything from this list? I don't know. Will I get it all? No, but then there is always next year and more things to add to my list. Will this be my final list? Probably not. I'm sure I'll take things off and put new things on until Christmas. Again, I'm just like a little kid.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else look at that bike and think of regions tune. Just imagine the bike is green and not pink and she is riding it down the street with the music in the background (la lalala la).

Lindy Julian said...

I would get the bike and just put it in the house! It would be such fun and you would look very cute and stylish on it!!

Jacki said...

I can say that the Food Saver is definitely worth it! I love being able to buy meat in bulk and then divide it into smaller portions for the 3 of us.

Our problem with Christmas is that we just buy what we want throughout the year, leaving nothing for our wish lists. Of course Emma has no problem with that. :-)