Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alabama v. South Carolina

Yesterday, I went to my first Alabama home game. I loved the tailgating, the game was okay, but Bo really wanted me to go.

It was really really cold and it seemed to get colder by the end of the evening. My face is so windburned today.
We sat on the first row of the upper decks. They were great seats except if you looked over the rail.

Bo and his cousin enjoying the game.

This building cost a $1.00 to get into, but it is the best $1.00 you could spend because you get your hand stamped and can come back in and use the restrooms as many times as you could before they closed. The price for indoor plumbing is priceless.

This is just a ton of meat someone was cooking.

This guy had to be cold and I don't really think the socks are helping him stay warm because he has shorts on. How crazy?

Bo and I had a lot of fun and hope to do it again soon.


Jacki said...

That would scare me to be sitting that high up and then look down. I am sure it isn't as steep as it looks, but still.

Anonymous said...

Jacki I am Bo and it is a very short rail on the upper deck.