Friday, August 14, 2009

A Ride in the Mountains

Bo was taken a back by a lot of what he saw in PA. He made several comments on how close the houses were together, how many mountains there were, how cool the temperature was, and how amazing the Amish were. Even though I grew up in Alabama, I had lived in PA for a while sometime after I was 1 until around 6, then I visited most years after that. So I don't remember not knowing what this area of the state looked like, but it was really interesting seeing it from someone who had never been there before.

One afternoon my dad and Bo went riding in the mountains to find an old hunting camp that my grandfather and his brother's had built and my dad had hunted from we he was a boy. (This trip was based around my dad seeing old friends and family and places from childhood. We drove by both my mom's childhood home and my dad's childhood homes. The neighbors are still the next to my dad's house so he stopped and talked to him and his wife for a while.)

When they came back these are some of the pictures that were on the camera.

Only a guy would take a picture of a gas on the side of the mountain.
This is a pretty creek.
I think the water is to cold to swim in. I don't care if it is a lake, river or pool. I have been laughed at more than once for not swimming. I take my water at a nice 82 degrees.
Pretty waterfall.

My dad in front of his families old hunting camp. No one in our family still owns this, but it looks like a fun place except there is no electricity running to it.

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