Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ride the Duck

When I saw tour vehicles go by that could go on both land and sea, I definately wanted to do it. Then they started quacking at us so I knew that it would be a fun tour. Bo finally decided to go but he didn't want to show up until the last second. So we didn't get to sit together and we didn't get a window seat. I was kind of bumbed about that. If you go to Philly Ride the Duck.

This is our tour guide, Mike.
I found this interesting this church had children playing outside next to a cemetary. I guess there isn't much land inside the city.
You can see what our vehicle looked like.
Bo even got into the quacking with music.

Waiting to get on the Delaware River.
Some ship I can't remeber the name of or anything about it.

Penn's Landing, they were having a jazz festival the day we were here.

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Bo and I did not get to go over it to New Jersey. Maybe next time.

So this concludes my trip to PA I hope you enjoyed it. Now, I plan to get back to sewing.

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