Monday, August 17, 2009

Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

Bo and I went to Philadelphia for the last two days of our trip. I had done the sight seeing tour Philly when I was a kid. It was interesting because I clearly remember doing somethings differently. Like now they charge you $2.00 to Ben Franklin's grave. I know it had to be free when I was a kid because there is no way we would have gone to see it twice in one day. My dad forgot to put film in the camera when we were doing the touristy stuff so everything he thought he took pictures of in the morning he didn't. So probably the last hour of the day my brother, dad, and I run back threw the city taking picture of the highlights from the morning. I so wish I could find those pictures. Needless to say he has never lived it down.

I just loved this window in Independence Hall.

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