Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Elfreth's Alley and Christ Church

Elfreth's Alley is an interesting little street. Is one of the oldest continually residential streets in the country. These houses are 9 feet wide due to the taxes that were issued on the width of ones house when they were built.
This is Bo standing in front of one of the houses. Look how narrow it is. I bet it is a pain to get furniture to the top floor.
The details of the houses were amazing.

I just love the color of these cellar doors.
I love this Dutch door. How much fun would it be to have the top half of your door open and talk to your neighbors as they go by. I guess it could also be a pain since the street was filled with tourist the day we went. I bet it is like that most days.
We also visited Christ Church this day. I always feel kind of weird taking pictures inside of a church. I had to take a picture and sit in the pew that was designated as George Washington's. Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, and the Penn Family all also have pews at this church. This was just one of those things Bo and I didn't have on our list of things to do, but we are both really glad that we did.

This is their beautiful pipe organ.

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Jacki said...

This reminds me of the narrow houses we have in Old Town Alexandria. I often wondered why they were so narrow, and now I know! I had no idea it was because wider homes had higher taxes.