Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanging A Mirror A Tutorial

1. Nicely Ask your brother and husband to hang it for you.
2. Identify the location you want it hung. Make sure you have all of the right tools before you start. Because it is a pain to keep on getting more.

3. Measure down from the ceiling to get exact location of nails. After nails are in the wall hang mirror.

4. Step back and check for levelness. At this point we realized our ceiling was not even and the mirror hung lopsided.

5. Repeat above steps. Check for level then step back and admire your work.

6. Clean the mirror.
Thanks Bo and Brother for hanging this really heavy mirror I could have never done it without you.


Busty LaRue said...

When I read the title to your post, I was sure the last step was going to be "Don't drop/break the mirror" So glad it wasn't! :)

Jacki said...

I couldn't imagine an easier way to hang it. :-)