Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Winter ONEderland

After I stopped blogging Boo had his first birthday.  I knew the theme I wanted to do as soon as I started looking for stuff online. It was actually very easy to do.  Lots of blue silver and snowflakes.
 We pulled out some of our Christmas decorations to greet the guest.  I love that the bear is holding a present.
 We hung snowflakes everywhere.  To bad it was in the high 70's this day.
 A banner of Boo and different family members.  This now hangs above the windows in his room.  A great reminder of his first year of life.
 More snowflakes.
 Nothing fancy, but I made the cake.
 Lunch was simple Chili, salad, cornbread (my mother-in-law made), and baked apples.
 Smash cake was a cup cake that I made.  My sister-in-law had the pan and she let me borrow it.  We had a real simple at home birthday party with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.
The birthday boy enjoyed his cake.

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