Thursday, October 18, 2012

Penn State

This picture was taken before the Penn State scandal broke.
So what does Penn State have to do with the stoppage in blogging.  Well, you see I grew up going to visit my grandmother just over the mountain from Penn State, and everyone and everything was navy and white and Love Ya Lions. 
 After the scandal broke I actually spent less and less time on the computer.  This Internet avoidance was not because of the coverage because what happened is horrible, but because of the nasty comments that people would leave. I didn't think these comments helped anyone- not the victims, not the football team, and not the people who lived in that area around the school. It really just showed me how this entire situation was horrible and I just wanted to avoid the Internet.   

I was actually in State College this Summer at the Arts Festival when the Freeh Report came out.
I'm sure I will get some nasty comments after I write this, but I wanted to let you know.  I'm still at Penn State football fan.

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Sew Wilde said...

It is good to support your team! What happened in the past is sad but the players who are there today should not have to pay for that. I hope they do well this season.