Friday, October 26, 2012

Nashville Zoo

I'm still re-learning how to work blogger so my pictures aren't in the right order. Just go with it for now.
This spring we went to Nashville for a wedding, and since I am now a stay at home mom we were looking for some cheap/free fun things to do.   We are members of our local zoo and the Nashville zoo is a reciprocating zoo so we decided to check it out.  Nashville zoo is great, and it has an AMAZING playground.
But the most fun we had was watching the Meerkats.  Bo and Boo would have watched them for hours. I loved that Boo was able to see them at his level even if he wanted his dad to hold him for a differnt look. 

Boo fell asleep right before we made it to the playground.  So we didn't get to enjoy it this time, but we plan to go back and check it out again sometime.

Meerkats having fun.

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