Friday, October 26, 2012

Loud, Battery Opperated Toys

I have a friend of mine who doesn't like her child to have battery operated toys.  After we talked about it got me to thinking are non battery operated toys better for the children or better for the parents?  

The pictured toy also reminds that battery operated toys can be really LOUD.   My parents got Boo this toy last year for Christmas, and I'm so glad that my dad got to see him enjoy this toy so I would never take it away from him, but it is loud. It is a Fisher Price Little Zoomers racetrack.  I read the reviews before he got it.  Several of them said that it was a really loud toy, but I thought how loud could it really be?   I had no idea how loud they were talking about.  I wonder sometimes if this could hurt his hearing, but I let him play with it because he loves it.

 So this brings me back to my first though about battery operated toys.  Are they necessary and how many people try not to let their children play with them?  With Christmas and Birthdays coming up I'm going to keep in mind the volume of the toys Boo plays with, but I can't grantee that they won't come with batteries or require some assembly.

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