Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Dad Died

This picture was taken a week before my dad died.
My dad was one of my most faithful followers, and I loved getting comments from him.  The last few months of his life it was hard to blog.  I spend more time visiting my parents which took away from my crafting and computer time.  I also didn't want to post anything about ALS or how it affected my life. At the end of my dad's life he couldn't get on the computer to read my blog. So I avoided my blog. 
I have been in therapy dealing with the grief I have experienced as his disease progressed.  Therapy has helped.  First it was dealing with the my dad's diagnosis (3-5 years life expectancy) and how it would change my life , to would he be able to walk me down the aisle at my wedding (which he did), would he see my child (which he did) all of these and more have been topics I have dealt with.
My dad fought a hard battle with ALS for 7 years, but in the end he grew weak and tired and just couldn't fight any more. 
We had a wonderful memorial service!  My dad donated his body to science with the hope that it may in some way help find a cure for this terrible disease.

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Sew Wilde said...

My deepest sympathy on the passing of your father! My thoughts and prayers are with you.