Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Think Alike?

This morning as Bo and I were getting ready to go to work I said to him, "You know what I'm thinking about." I just knew he would never guess it, but without hesitation he said, "THE BEACH!".
He would be correct. It has been a long cold winter and I'm so ready to spend a few days at the beach. As a child I lived an hour and half from the beach, and sometimes on Sunday afternoons we would ride to the beach and eat. Just seeing the sun and sand would brighten the day. So hopefully in the next month or two Bo and I can drive down to PCB, and enjoy the day.

This is not my picture I took it from, but these are the World's Most Beautiful Beaches.

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Jacki said...

And that is why I loved growing up in Florida and Hawaii! There was always a beach close by! Now the closest beach is 3 hours away.