Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Back

Thank you so much for your prayers. My family and I greatly appreciate them.
My grandmother's funeral was in PA which isn't that far away when you go there for a week in the summer. But when you fly out on Monday morning and don't arrive home until 1 am last night it becomes a great distance. We had a really great service, and so many people showed us how much my grandmother meant to them. Both my mom's family and my dad's family have know each other for years. And when I say years I mean my mom's uncle and my grandmother (my dad's mom) were in the same elementary school class together. So I got to see a lot of my extended family on both sides.

Yesterday, Bo and I got to spend the day with my aunt. We had a really good time together. We actually went to Wegman's grocery store which was amazing. I so wish I had one of these near me. Bo is glad we don't because he says that we would be broke.

I hope to get back to my routine tomorrow.

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Lindy Julian said...

We missed you and glad that you are back safe and sound.