Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Second Christmas

I had to beg my mom for a copy of this card (Thanks Mom! I really appreciate it.) because I had sent out all of my copies and had forgotten to keep one for myself. Lucky for me my mom willingly gave me hers from the fridge. By the way there are tons of other pictures on my mom's fridge. It is like a collage of my life along with my bother, sister-in-law and nephew's lives. I love it and hope my fridge looks like that. One reason Bo and I haven't gotten a stainless steal refrigerator, magnets won't stick.
Back to the card, this was the year I turned 30! And we celebrated by going to Disney World. Again we couldn't agree on a single picture so we went for a picture from each park. Yes, we do have matching shirts on in the one picture. I would really suggest that if you ever visit Disney.