Friday, January 8, 2010

Fourth Christmas

Another hard year to decide. We had been on a cruise this year and we had gone to Philadelphia, but I didn't like any picture.
I think part of that was because I had planned my Christmas cards out before we even went on our trip to PA. I just knew we were going to have our picture taken in front of the Liberty Bell and do a patriotic card. That just didn't happen. If you have ever visited the Liberty Bell you know it is one of the worse places to do a decent photograph. I should have know because the pictures my dad took of my brother and I there when we were kids have tons of people in the background. Well, that has not improved. I don't know why they just don't have a spot to stand on in front of the Bell and have someone take your picture. I'm sure for a decent picture I would pay $20.00. Anyway, back to our card. I ended up with a picture from our cruise, a picture in front of the Nittany Lion on Penn State's campus, and a picture of Bo and I at the farm on Thanksgiving. This card to me is just a card. I guess it is had such high expectations and they just didn't turn out. It is like a craft fail. On the other hand Bo loves this card. He tells everyone, "As soon as Blakely showed it to me I knew it was perfect." That goes to show you what expectations will do to you.

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