Monday, January 4, 2010

First Christmas

I know that it isn't sewing, but I have been doing some crafting.
Since we first got married I have hung our Christmas card on the fridge and it has just stayed there. Most people send brag letters, we don't. But I have been told that we send brag pictures. Well my Christmas cards were getting messed up and I wanted a way let me see how our family has changed over the year or what we have done.
I have made scrapbooks before and thought this would be a good idea. This week I'll will show you our Christmas cards and the pages that I have done. It really didn't take much time since we have only been married for four Christmas.
This is from our First Christmas together. It was taken on our Honeymoon, and I have to say it has to be my most favorite picture of us taken together, EVER! Bo and I went back and forth over which picture went on this card. In the end I won, he didn't like the stubble on his face in this picture, but I told him it just added to the beach/relaxed look. What is funny is my mom still has this card on her fridge and Bo's mom has it hanging in her office. So I guess it was a winner.

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