Wednesday, December 30, 2009


If I were a movie critic, I would AVATAR two thumbs up!

I wouldn't call myself a science fiction fan. Actually, I'm far from it, but I did go see Star Wars this year and this past weekend I saw AVATAR twice. I LOVED it both times. Once Bo and I saw it together and then his teenage cousins came to town for Christmas and they wanted to see it so we took them. Let me just say I have only gone to see one other movie in the theater twice and it was Titanic. So I guess James Cameron is what I would consider a good story teller.
Back to AVATAR, WOW it is visually stunning! I love the use of color and how wonderful it would be to sew in those vibrant colors.
We went to see it in 3D which I liked, but some of the scenes seemed dark from the glasses. I actually took them off a few times just to see how much color and light came from the screen. Which seemed like a lot more without the glasses.
AVATAR is like 3 hours long, but you never really think about the time because it continues to go quickly. I know a lot of people are saying the story line is weak, but it is definitely not the worst I have seen. I actually thought it was pretty good.
Bo's family discussed this movie on Christmas day and I made the statement that I don't know if I will like this movie as much in 5 years, but that I really enjoyed it right now because it was different and it made me want to go to the movies. I mean in a sea of mediocrity and sameness this movie stood out. Way to go James Cameron and AVATAR!