Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tour of Ornaments

I talked my mom while I was posting and I told her I was going to post pictures and stories about some of my favorite ornaments this week just like I did last year around this time, and she said, "Not the tour of ornaments again, they made me cry last year." So I'll start this year with a tear jerker.

After my dad was diagnosed with ALS we asked him about places he wanted to go. He said he wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium, a Braves Game and Stone Mountain. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, Bo and I all loaded up in our vehicles and headed over to Atlanta.
The Georgia Aquarium was awesome! The Braves lost, but my dad got see Turner Field just like he wanted to. And my family got to experience Bo's driving, which may not be the best. You see we had borrowed my mother-in-laws Mountaineer because it had a third row and we could all ride in it together around the ATL. We got to Stone Mountain early in the afternoon to enjoy the day and get a good seat to watch the light show. Bo picked a space a good walk away, but one my dad could manage at the time. Well actually it wasn't really a space, he backed over a curb on a nice piece of grass that would allow him easy access when we left. After the light show we walked back to the truck, my mom and I crawled in the third row which isn't really comfortable for 1 adult let alone two. Bo drove and my dad sat in the front seat. My brother who was sitting in the middle seat facing the traffic we were merging into. My brother said to Bo,"I think the next...." He didn't get to finish his sentence before Bo calmly said, "Don't look at them. Look straight ahead" and pulled out in front of the long line of traffic. My dad was stunned. Brother said, "I don't think they just waved to us." I couldn't help but laugh, and Bo repeated, "Just look straight ahead."
So even though this ornament says Georgia Aquarium this is what I remember most about that weekend. We had so much fun together.

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