Monday, December 28, 2009


Last week I decided to make a friend of mine at work a Christmas Stocking. She loved it and said it looked like one from the Grinch. I have made this stocking several times before. It isn't that hard to make, but it is a little small which makes it hard to fit to many presents in it.
Bo only took one picture of me and of course it was from the couch. I really think my next year I should learn how to take a good picture of myself. It couldn't turn out any worse than this.

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Jacki said...

Oh it does look like the stocking from Grinch. How cute!

And yes, next time have Bo stand up to where the camera is looking down at you a little bit. From living with Peter I know that everyone looks great from that angle. :-) If someone takes a picture of me from any other angle, especially when I am facing the camera, I look like I have a square head.