Sunday, December 6, 2009

SEC Championship Game

Let me say that before this year I have probably been to five college football games at the most, and I had only been to T-town to visit Bo's family and had never seen the University let alone the stadium. So this year I have been more football games in one year since my brother played 1-A high school football. Bo and I had so much fun, but Bo says I can't get a shaker until I pay more attention to the game. I guess I'll be shaker less for a while. I did get to go to IKEA before the game.
I do find the bands interesting. So I guess the pre-game and half time are my favorite parts.

Final score was 32-13. Bo worried the entire game. I told him just to relax and enjoy the night. I don't think it helped that I asked a lot of questions.
We had to stay so Bo could shout Rammer Jammer with all the other Alabama fans. I wish I could tell you what they were saying.
I should take this time to thank my mother-in-law for these tickets. Bo and I really enjoyed our night in Atlanta.

Now its on to the National Championship and Pasadena California.

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