Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turning 51!

No, I’m not turning 51, but a friend of mine at work did today. Happy Birthday!
It was amazing you would think in this time of recession people wouldn’t want to celebrate, but we celebrated her birthday with grandeur. Instead of a birthday cake I brought a fruit and cheese tray and a veggie tray as a healthy alternative. One of her friends surprised her with a bouquet of flowers and another is making her dinner tonight. It is rumored that they are going to use the good china. I made the comment today that she was parting like she was turning 50 instead of 51.
It got me to thinking, why in this year of recession, partisan politics, and tragic things happening all the time are we making a big deal out of birthdays.
I mean for my 32 birthday this year I had a party. Okay it was my family and Bo’s family, but I still made homemade lasagna and had birthday cake. I consider that a party.
Then I realized as much as we as human being want to be cynical there is just something special about celebrating. Especially when it is a birthday because for that one day you remind the birthday person how special they are to you. The bad stuff is pushed to the back. Both the party goers and the Birthday Person have a few moments to reflect on the fact that life is good and the years in between the beginning and end of the decade are what make those special round number birthdays so special.


Jacki said...

Whew...for a minute I thought you were turning 51 and I was way she is. She looks too young!

I don't like when people make a big to-do about my birthday, but I love making Emma's birthday special and fun. :-) Peter always gets the short end of the stick because his birthday is 3 days after Christmas.

Lindy Julian said...

I would make more comments but everytime-it is such an ordeal. I make a comment and then it does not recognize my name and password-I have to re-register - and then I have to retype a comment!!! Oh well, I just wanted to thank you for making my birthday so fun and special. The goodie bag was a hit and I love the scarf your mother sent me!! Not even this bad economy can get me down on my birthday!!