Sunday, November 22, 2009


Several weeks ago I made two dozen marbleized ornaments. I made some with the colors of Christmas, Penn State, Alabama and Auburn. Who doesn't want a football team themed ornament. I think one day Bo and I are going to have a tree with just College football team ornaments on it.
I had one problem the paint didn't cover completely or when I drained the ornament the paint cracked. Any idea what I did wrong? I cleaned the ornaments with vinegar and I let them dry completely before painting.

A dozen of my ornaments. I thought they just looked cool in the box.

Maybe when the light shines threw them the paint cracking may make them look good.
I can't wait to give these out to my family members. My mother-in-law picked out several that she liked.


Jacki said...

Those are beautiful!

stacy said...

You know, I just now noticed this entry! I've found two things cause the cracking and missing paint. One cause could be that the ornament is dirty - the paint doesn't adhere as well if there is is dust, etc. inside. The second cause could be draining the paint too much. Sometimes if it runs out too fast, it will crack or leave a smudgy look to the paint. You can try pouring a bit of paint over it to help cover it to see if it helps.