Friday, November 13, 2009

Peanut Festival

I know that I have shared pictures from the Peanut Festival Parade, but blogger hasn't wanted to let me share pictures from the fair with you.

Bo and I enjoyed a night of fun with my family. Here we are watching Nephew take a ride on the elephants. Nephew wasn't tall enough to ride the rides by himself so the adults in the group took turns riding with him. This ride wasn't our turn.

I loved this door that was displayed in the arts and crafts exhibit. It won second place. Bo and I say it every year, but next year we are going to enter the photo contest. It is a really big exhibit at the fair and next year we hope to participate.
A trip to the fair isn't complete without eating. There are so may local vendors and food to sample that there is no way you can eat it all in one night. One of the things that my mom and I love is the hot & fresh kettle corn and we have to get some. Our group shared this bag and what little was left I ate the next day for breakfast.

A fair would not be a complete visit with out a corn dog from the corn dog man. I only had to wait in line 15-20 min to pay $6.00 for two corn dogs, but man they were good.

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