Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Thank you Mr. Blount for giving Alabama such a beautiful park.
Bo and I went to ASF this weekend. We both had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying the day. We watched the geese for a while. This goose kind of got tired of me taking pictures of it and let me know by squawking. After that I stopped taking its picture.

Bo enjoying the day.

I usually don't like pictures of myself, but Bo took this picture of me and I really like it. It feels very touristy to me, almost like I'm not in Alabama.

Thatching on the roof of one of the buildings in the park.

Bo and I both enjoyed the park. We both wondered why we don't go there more often. We have gone there several times to see plays, but we don't usually go there just to enjoy its beauty. We hope to have a picnic there in the spring. Amazing something can be in your town and you don't take advantage of them.


Jacki said...

That is a good picture of you! And the one you took of Bo makes him seem very regal.

randi said...

We have been exploring our area more lately and have found some treasures. It is nice to find great places close to home!

Anonymous said...


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