Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Company

Bo and I had company this weekend. This company wanted to watch Disney most of the day. Bo and I watched shows we have never seen before. We did make good use of the Wii Fit Board as you can see it can also double as a table for a toddler.
I made Nephew a Clever Little Cape by Apple Cyder. I asked Nephew if I could take his picture with it on. He shook his head no, but I tried anyway. This is Bo trying to put it on Nephew.
This is Nephew immediately taking it off. He did carry it around with him, but he didn't want to wear it. Who knows he may grow into it. I would recommend this pattern to anyone. It went together really quickly.I haven't posted this no-sew blanket I made. These are great for gifts. This one is really soft.
Finally, I don't usually post my good deal that I get a CVS, but today's deals were to good not to talk about. All of these items pictured cost me $8.33 out of pocket.
I now need to go help Bo clean the house. Hopefully, I can sew tonight.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thank you for stopping by, you are in the giveaway, Good Luck, Jane

apple cyder said...

It makes me so happy to see your little cape. Thanks for letting me know that you made it. The first time I sent one as a gift, the recipient wouldn't wear it at first, but a few month later he got into it. You never know with kids!