Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm still here!

I'm sorry about the unexpected blog break. The move at work took everything out of me, and at night I would just come home and sleep. I have started to sew again, but I don't have anything to show for it right now.

I did receive some birthday money. Of course, I had to spend it. Before I get into the books I purchased, I have to apologize to Betz White for not purchasing her book Warm Fuzzies even though I had it in my hands and I carried around the store. I finally decided that I would probably never make anything out of it, and I'm trying not to purchase things I don't think I'll use. But man I was tempted to purchase it, and I still may change my mind and buy it later. It had beautiful pictures and great ideas.

A Is For Apron - I love that it has a history of the apron in it along with vintage aprons. I can't wait to make several of these projects especially the deep pockets and spotless aprons.

I have been looking at this magazine since it came out. I want to make some of the Whee mini skiers that are featured on the cover except I would love to make them not so whee, but actually with some large pinecones I have. Also Betz White has a featured project in it.

I have looked at this PEEPS book so many times and I finally decided to purchase it. I think my Easter decorations will be mostly PEEPS this year.

This Gooseberry Patch book is just a good overall Christmas book. There are several ideas in here that I think will be good gifts to give to my co-workers. It also has some great recipes that I could make and send to Bo's office for the holiday. I leaning towards the Chocolate -Pecan Bars or the Lemon-Orange Rolls, but there are many others that I could choose from.

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