Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Modeling My New Jacket

I just wanted to show you my finished jacket. I love it! Even if the other ladies at sewing class made fun of it. I learned several things when making this.
1. Putting in a separating zipper isn't hard at all.
2. I didn't understand how to put the pockets in, and now they seem to stick out from under the jacket sometimes. They just need tacked down.
3. Stitches in fleece need to be perfect the first time because if you rip them out they more likely will rip the fabric. If any has any tips on how not to do it I would appreciate it.
4. Still no good places to have my picture taken.


Purple and Paisley said...

wow, hooray for you for daring to do a zipper...and on fleece! good job! =)

amandajean said...

way to go with the zipper! that is one daunting task.