Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visit to Joann Fabrics

My fabric store choices are limited to Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and only one of our four Wal-mart sells fabric. None carry a great selection or variety. When we go to the beach I have to visit the local Joann. What follows are my purchases...

Actually, I didn't purchase this fabric, my sister-in-law did, but I'll be sewing it. So I guess it counts as fabric for me. SIL wants me to make Nephew pants that look exactly like several pairs that are found in Ragsland . These will be my next major project.
I purchased this fleece with plans to make a no sew blanket as a Christmas present which I've finished already. I love these as gifts. The Tinkerbell fabric will be used to make either McCall's 5252 or McCall's 3402 for our Disney trip.
This just other fabric I wanted or fabric that will be used in Halloween Costumes.
Notions I purchased that were 50% off, and I can always use something new. The large yardage of elastic is for Nephew's pants.
This is going to be used to make a cape for Nephew. This weekend we played "capes" with just the yard of fabric. Nineteen months olds have the best belly laughs. I wish I could bottle it and listen to it on days when I need a good pick me up. I hope to have this done when I keep Nephew this weekend.
Bo's 84 year old great aunt broke her hip today so thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.


MyCozyCreations said...

I'm planning a trip to Joann's today! Even though I have entirely too much fabric, there is always room for more! right?

sweetfunkyvintage said...

great finds!