Monday, September 1, 2008

Back from the Beach

We are back from the beach! I would live there, but as of right now I'll have to be happy with visiting. I'm so lucky Bo loves the beach as much as I do. Panama City Beach is full of memories and we make new ones each year. Here are a few from this trip...
I know that I get my creativity from both of my parents. Just look at what my dad made himself. He has to use a cane on stable ground so no doubt he would need one in the sand. He couldn't find anything that would work so he went to Lowes to find what he needed. He ended up using PVC pipe to make an all weather cane that he could use in the water without worrying about ruining it.

I have seen several pictures of Crocs on vacation this summer. I'll add my picture.

Nephew enjoys the beach.

Nothing, but clear skies. We set up to stay on the beach all day.
Teaching Nephew how to play paddle ball. He took to this really well. Then he wanted to learn how to play shuffleboard.
This is what the water looked like when we left.
It was double red flags, but we still saw people getting in the water.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I hope to sew tomorrow.


Busty LaRue said...

I wish I lived so close to the beach! I'm jealous of the nice weather you had. We've had nothing but cold rain here.

Daddy said...

Holy Cow!!! I can't believe I make something as simple as a beach cane and I can get my Pic on the world famous Rockin Smockin Blogspot.
I got to go back to the drawing boardand see what I can come up with next
as the say Surfs Up way UP!!!

Trina said...

Ah, I love the beach! Looks like you guys had a great time!