Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yard Stuff

This weekend we did a little more than just watch movies. We also went to Home Depot several times and planted a few flowers.
We have a terrible problem with birds. Okay, it isn't really a problem until they eat stuff out of your garden. Our next door neighbor hates it when we grow cherry tomatoes because the birds pick them off our plants and take them over to his yard or patio. So to stop them from eating our tomatoes I thought I could feed them. My in-laws had given me some money for Easter. I used it to buy a bird feeder. Isn't it pretty? The birds seem to love it.
We also got a new planter. I just loved that it is shaped like a fish. For some reason I think it should be called Edward. I'm not into Twilight so it didn't come from there. This picture doesn't really show you how large he is. I think he would look great next to a pool.
Our Strawberry plants are really growing. I can't wait to eat my first strawberry. Unless, the birds beat me to them.
This is my first year growing Zinnias. I just fell in love with their colors at the Home Depot so I hope they do well in my back yard. I'm also growing some Marigolds, but I'm having a hard time keeping some kind of animal out of them. Whatever it is isn't eating the flowers just digging around in the potting soil. It is a pain to have to replant them daily. It is also the pot closest to my house so it has to be a brave animal. I should let you know besides birds, I have squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and deer in my back yard. I live in a neighborhood in the city we just back up to some woods. So if you have any idea on how to deal with a natural way to stop them from attacking my flowers I would appreciate some hints?


Jacki said...

I don't know of any. I have a friend who has a neighbor that feeds squirrels, so now the squirrels have dug up almost her entire garden. She has to replant, and she's not too happy about that!

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