Thursday, April 15, 2010

Car Trouble

Let me start of by saying my car is nothing pretty, but it runs.
So Tuesday night I noticed it was leaking oil, which is never a good thing. I took it to my car guy yesterday and he fixed it. I would tell you what was wrong with it, but I don't remember. And it was cheaper than I had excepted, so I was happy.
This happiness didn't last long. I made my 10 mile trip home. I had made it to the traffic light at the entrance of my neighborhood. My neighborhood was just on the other side of the road... I could see it when my car apparently decided it couldn't go any further.
I immediately turned on my flashers, put it in neutral, and tried to start it again...nothing happened. I was stuck between two lanes in the middle of traffic. Those who were behind me started to blow their horns at me. Like I didn't know my car was blocking their lane of traffic. Like I wanted to be sitting there, and not on my way home. It was like they thought if they blew harder my car would magically start to run. It didn't work.

I was lucky because Bo was about 10 cars behind me. He pulled over and started to push my car towards a parking lot. Then some kind stranger pulled over and helped Bo push it the rest of the way in the lot.
Bo's cousin came and fixed it well enough to get it back to the shop this morning. The shop has called and said that my car is fixed at no charge to me. My car is not the best, but I'm so thankful for it and that is runs.

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ShopGirlXOXO said...

I definitely understand where you are coming from. Lord knows Ive been there before. My car isnt the best looking either but its mine. :)