Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Gazebo - Maybe

The evening started out pretty good. Bo and I were jocking around with the corner pieces of our gazebo. It all seemed like it was going good.
Two and a half hours into it as we were lifting the top on to our gazebo this piece broke. I felt so bad because that was the piece our neighbor was helping us with. He felt so bad.
We headed back to the Home Depot to see if they could give us a replacement part. But they don't have any in this region. They have already sold the store display when they told us last week that they wouldn't sell us the display until the end of the season. We came home and contacted the manufacture. Now the sides of the gazebo are still standing up in the yard. If we don't hear from the manufacture we will have to take it down and take it back to Home Depot. I just hope it comes apart easier than it went together.

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