Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know that you are tired of hearing about my pear trees. But I'm so excited about them. I just have to share a recycle idea with you.
Yes, that is the leg from a pair of pantyhose tied around my tree. No, I never thought I would have a pair tied around a tree in my yard nor did I ever think I would talk about them on the internet. But you never know what is going to come your way one day.
You see my tree was leaning. Bo and I were trying to think about what we could stake it up with. For some reason I remembered my grandfather using my grandmothers old knee highs to tie up his plants. Actually I know why I remembered it. It is because I always thought it was funny to see my grandmothers knee highs tied around the plants in the garden.
But I have to agree the materal is soft and strectches which is great for plants. My grandfather would say that it was gentle on the plants. Lucky, for Bo and I, I had a pair of pantyhose that had a run in them. I cut out the legs, cut them in half and then tied them around the tree. I know that my neighbors think I'm crazy, but it works. This is just one more way to reuse something that otherwise would be in the garbage.

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