Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

Bo and I have watched several movies in the last couple of days. What can I say there hasn't been much to watch on TV. Well, a couple of weeks ago I got The Princess and the Frog at a really good deal like I mean after mail in rebates it will cost me $3.00 so I figured why not.

After watching this movie I'm not sure at what age I would let my kids (if I had any) watch this movie. You see I grew up in house were my parents watched most of the movies before my brother and I could and I don't know if this one would pass because of how scary some of the magic is. I mean it is kind of spooky even for Disney Magic. Bo even said he didn't know what age child should watch this movie. The only negative about this movie would be the scary magic.

There were several things that I absolutly loved about this movie:

First -it is set in New Orleans. I have been to New Orleans twice and even thought I don't ever have to go back I realize that it is the perfect city to set this movie. Nothing against New Orleans but I don't drink and I don't gamble. I have already done several tours and I have gone to the aquarium and on the river boat. I do love the architecture and the food is amazing. Maybe I just need some time in between my visits. The last time we went Bo and I did not get along at all with each other and Alabama lost their game so all around it wasn't a good trip.

Second - the music. Like most Disney animation it is wonderful, but the music in this movie sets it a part as one of the best. It helps that had a lot of jazz, and that New Orleans has a lot of wonderful places to listen to music.

Third- the message. I loved the message of hard work and saving money. Tiana also had to learn that a little fun mixed in makes life so much better.

Forth - Mama Odie - she was perfect and I loved the scenes with her in them. She really stole the show in my opinion.

Overall I thought that this was a good movie and I would definitely watch it again. I'm glad that I purchased it and that it is a part of my Disney movie collection.


Busty LaRue said...

This is one of my 3 year old's favorite movies! He watches it several times a week.

I agree, the magic is a little scary, but nothing compared to Pinocchio, where the little boys turn into donkeys, or Maleficent (sp?) as a dragon in Sleeping Beauty.

Jacki said...

My sister recently watched this and liked it, too. We will have to get it from Netflix for Emma. She said the magic in it might be a little scary for Emma, but you never know.