Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keep The Inside Cool

When I first meet Bo he already had the house we live in now. And from the first time I stepped foot in it I had ideas on how I wanted to change it. He actually let me paint the dinning room and kitchen before we were even engaged. This was the start of a lot of improvements we have done since then.
I need say that I have gotten many of my ideas from my dad. Because he has always looked for ways to lower the cooling cost at my parents house. My first idea was to put darker screens on our windows. This is something my parents did at there house. Well the screens on the windows at our house do not cover the entire window so it would not block the sun coming.
So I had to come up with a plan to help block the sun from heating our bricks. My idea was azaleas. They are some of my favorite flowers especially when they grow large. This year is the third we have had them. They are beautiful and functional.
I can't wait until they fill in and grow taller. This wall gets a ton of the hot afternoon sun, and I would love for them to help block some of this from heating this wall.

As I drove out of my neighborhood today I noticed that very few houses had anything planted on the side of their house that gets tons of sun. Just think of the amount of energy used to cool all of those houses.

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