Friday, March 21, 2014

Christmas in March?

While cleaning out/reorganizing Boo's closet I found some Christmas Outfits that I never shared with you. 

Bo and I are on the fence about what Boo should wear to shirt.  We agreed that this Christmas he could still wear appliqued clothes.  Next year we will more than likely move into sweater vest and khakis.  Meaning I'll have a little boy and not a baby.  One sad Mommy. I guess I'll just have to take up knitting so I can make him some sweater vest!
 I was determined for Boo to have a new shirt for Christmas Eve service.  The bad part was I was still making this shirt at 5pm on Christmas Eve and our service started at 6pm. Nothing like waiting until the last moment.  Boo wore black cords with it.  A good compromise between baby and big boy
I had four santa buttons that would have been perfect if my machine wouldn't have messed up one of the button wholes. Making me move the button and leaving a large gap between two buttons. Since it was at the last moment I just safety pinned the gap and promised myself I would fix it later. But since Boo will never wear it again I'll probably just remove the buttons and use them on something else.

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