Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Updated Cedar Chest

Okay lets act like the big reveal is suppose to be at the end of this post. So go read the information to the last picture first and work your way back to this one for this post to make sense. Blogger is such a pain sometimes.
This is my finished and updated bench.
Our room is suppose to have a travel theme and not a nautical theme, but it keeps on leaning nautical more than travel. This bench is very comfortable and I have thought of ways I could make it better the next I do this.

This is how my cedar chest started out. This was Maw's cedar chest and I think it used to live in her basement, then it lived in storage for a while, and then my old apartment. Needless to say it has been around for a while, but the top has seen its better days. Bo and I use it hold blankets. This is going to sound odd but one night I had a dream on how I was going to make this chest look better by covering a board with foam, batting and fabric. The next morning I told Bo about my dream and he was okay with the idea. Bo was even kind of enough to help me. It actually took him longer to put together his new work bench than it took us making the new cushion. Now go back up to the big reveal.

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Jacki said...

That looks great! Again, I am envious of your sewing skills.