Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out with the Red. In with the Green Grey

Bo allowed me to paint his dinning room when we were dating and not even engaged. I painted it this red color. Needless to say I'm so tired of it. Our dining room is so small and this color looks way more formal than our house is. The light fixture is also going to go. We got a new ceiling fan because this room is always so hot.
This is what the new color looks like after a tinted primer and two coats of paint. I think that it looks like Grey Mud, but the color is growing on me. This paint is suppose to be two shades darker than our living room but it looks nothing like our living room. Bo said that if we don't like it we can repaint it in two years. I don't know why two years but he wants us to live with it a while.

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Jacki said...

I really do like that color alot! Now that I have had almost 2 months off from painting anything around here, I am thinking about updating some rooms around here that we didn't do before we moved in.