Monday, June 15, 2009

Homemade Salsa

My attempt at making salsa. It doesn't taste exactly like I wanted it to, but what should I expect I combined several recipes into one. I think I'm missing something. The tomatoes and peppers came from our garden. If you have any salsa recipe ideas I would love to hear them. I was really happy with the texture the taste is just off a bit.


Jacki said...

Did you add cilantro or tomatillos? If find that either, or both, of those ingredients really go well in salsas. Also, roasting your tomatoes with garlic.

daddy said...

bring some home and I'll try it!!!
looks like you made enough for a small army!!!

randi said...

This is salsa per my Guatemalan grandma (hers is always great!)

Add ingredients to taste:

lime juice
salt and pepper

The lime juice adds great flavor so don't bypass it.

Best wishes!

Ruth said...

The cilantro is what makes it great, in my opinion. My husband makes fresh salsa almost weekly. Cilantro and lime juice---and the hotter peppers, the better. :)