Thursday, June 11, 2009


Some of you know how much I love CVS.
Now I love them even more because they are doing a 3 week campaign to raise money to fund research for ALS. I emailed CVS to let them know how happy I was with this campain. Lucille Bush, Director of Community Relations, told me that since 2002 CVS has raised $15 million with 100% going directly to ALS research. She continued to tell me that their goal this year was $5 million so next time you are at CVS remember every dollar you give is helping people like my dad who suffer from this terrible disease. So thank you CVS for bringing awareness to this disease and thank you to all who donate.

If I had three wishes and I couldn't have 3 more wishes they would be:

1. A cure for ALS

2. A free lifetime pass to Disney World

3. A paid for beach house at Panama City Beach.

If I couldn't get these three wishes I would be satisfied with just the first one.

So what would your three wishes be?

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wishes. I think of that theme all the time. I hope that doesn't mean I'm super self centered. Even though I know I am. I wish that 1. My husband liked his new job and it would pay better and last forever. 2. I could afford to take my whole family on a 3 week vacation to the east coast and stay in a really nice beach house so we could travel to new york, pa, washington etc for smaller trips 3. That I could have my own fabric lines.

I'm not asking much am I!!???