Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Date

Bo and I just enjoyed our Valentine's Day together and this is our date in reverse.

We ended our night by going to a new restaurant in town. Mr. G's was wonderful and we will definitely go back. It is a local Italian and Greek restaurant. Again just wonderful!
Before we went to eat we went to GCO Carpet Store because they are going to remodel and they were having a huge sale. I walked in and fell in love with the rug pictured below. Bo and I have been looking for a rug for our bedroom, but we need an 8x8 rug and that is not a standard size. My boss recommended GCO because the make custom rugs, my new rug will be in a week. The funny think is the salesman told us the P. Diddy Combs has this same carpet in his bedroom except his is wall to wall carpeting and it is featured in one of his videos. By the way the name of this rug is Polar Bear. Bo asked for an extra discount on top of the sales price and they agreed to reduce the price another $37.50.

We started our date with some bowling. A new bowling alley has opened and it is so cool. It reminds me of a more family friendly version of Lucky Strike in the Rio in Las Vegas, which is a super cool bowling alley.

I won the first game and Bo won the next two. We both have decided to start going bowling on a regular basis. My Dad used to bowl every Monday night when I was growing up, and Maw also used to be on a team.


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