Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In light of this weeks signing of the stimulus package, I thought it would be appropriate if this weeks Thankful Thursday feature would be Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. Because we followed his program Bo and I are debt free except for our house. YEAH!

Before Bo and I got married we went to a mandatory, by our church, marriage counseling. The counselor told us he thought we had it together, but he would still suggest that we go to a financial class together. Our church offered Financial Peace University. I had to eat my words of, “If Dave Ramsey wanted me to be out of debt he would not charge me $90.00 to take his class.”, and we signed up.

I’m thankful that Dave Ramsey gave Bo and I topics to talk about and sometimes he gave us a common enemy. Sometimes when we wanted to do things we knew that Dave would disagree with we would get mad at him instead of each other. Bo and I now have quarterly business meetings. We also learned that we like to eat out a lot, visit Publix, and that Christmas comes the same time each year.

I’m thankful that both Bo and I were open to the ideas that Dave Ramsey expresses, that we also are able to talk to each other about our finances, and that we mostly agree on how we should spend our money. I’m also thankful that Dave has Debt Free Fridays on his radio show. Hearing people scream, “We’re debt free” brings so much hope and joy into my life.

I don’t take anything for granted in the economic market, and I have mentioned to Bo several times I’m so glad that we went to Financial Peace University when we did. I would recommend his program to anyone who is willing to listen.

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jona said...

This is so encouraging! We are starting his system and are very hopeful now.