Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thankful Thursday feature - Cookbooks.
Yes, I know in away cookbooks are old fashioned. I know that I could go to the internet and pull up a million and one ways to cook chicken, but I just love a good cookbook. I like to flip the pages and see the wonderful dishes that are pictured. (If only my versions could end up that pretty.)
I have fond memories of my mom using her favorite cookbook to bake our favorite Christmas cookies, and weeknight dinners. I learned from my mom to make notes beside the recipes that you try. She would note if her family liked a recipes or not, who liked it more, and if she could possibly substitue ingredients. If you were to look at my cook book you could tell by the splatter stained pages which recipes are used, and which cookbooks are used the most.

The Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book was one of the first ones I received when I got my first apartment. I love it. Since receiving this cookbook I have collected many, many more. When Bo and I go on a trip I usually purchase a local cookbook with local flavor. I made sure that I got one when we went to Hawaii, but most of the recipes are to daunting to make.
Do you have a favorite cookbook?


stacy said...

I love my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook too! I got it when I got my first apartment and still have it (although it's falling apart)!

Anonymous said...


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