Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Golfing Knickers

Bo has decided that he wanted be this for Halloween.
I could buy these pants from, but what fun would that be when I can sew.

I have two options:
First option Simplicity 4059. I like it a lot especially the way the legs puff out, but the wasteband has some issues. Second option is Vogue 1753. This pattern would require me to cut off the legs an add elastic to make it puff out. I'm leaning that way.
If you have any advice I would appreciate it.


al said...

I've made knickers before!!! It was a while back but I think the pattern I used was something very much like the one you have picked out. I kinda fudged on the band but they weren't as difficult to make as I expected! good luck!

jessica Levitt said...


i think if you're going to cut off regular pants you need to find a "fuller" leg cut than those. More like an eighties style. But the general idea should work fine. Except I'd bet the costume ones are WAY easier to make. And you could just get a somewhat longer vest to cover the waist.