Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Auburn Coasters

Messy Karen is generously giving me the Ace's Up by Alex Henry fabric that she posted on Saturday. I showed it Bo, and he thought it was cool. I offered to make him napkins or coaster for his poker night. Bo opted for coasters. (Bo actually had a set of Lighthouse coaster when we met, but more impressive than that is that he uses them religiously.) His choice was no surprise to me.

I knew I wanted to make a masculine coaster. Since I didn't think the rick rack and circular design of Juliette Lanver's Roller Coasters would do. I have made these coasters before and I thought that they were a little smaller than I wanted for Bo and his friends.

The inspiration for the size came from Heather Bailey's Square Deal Pin Cushion. I used the pattern piece used to make the top and the bottom of the pincushion because I liked its size so much when I made the pin cushion last night. I know next time that I will make my coasters much larger than this.

The ones I made tonight were made from some scraps I had. I figured with the start of football season this Saturday that Auburn Coasters would be cool. Since Bo and I are a divided house these will more than likely go to Brother and Sister-in-law.
I hope to make another set tomorrow night with some different ideas I have.

Thanks for all of the insperation. It has made me push my sewing bounderies.

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Daddy said...

Hey these things are pretty neat !!
you need to make all the schools of the SEC and market them !!
Especially now with football season here also with the napkins you will have orders coming out you ears .I can help sew em
Also do Troy ,FSU G.T. ,P.S.U.
Lets do it forget the beach stay home sew coasters we could knock out enough to gp to Hawaii