Sunday, August 17, 2008

But I watch HGTV!

No it wasn't all a dream?
This is how I found BO Sunday afternoon. He was tired because we had a really, really busy weekend which included tiling our kitchen and bathroom floors and installing two toilets.
This is what our two new toilets look like. Not really what I wanted to spend my money on, but the tanks were crack on both toilets so out with the old and in with the new.

Bo making his first cut on the wet saw. This was his job most of the weekend.
The tiling wasn't a job that we wanted to tackle alone, so I called my cousin who is a general contractor. He was nice enough to give up his weekend to come to my house and help us. Bo and I couldn't have done it without W. Thank you so much W!!! We appreciate it. W did have to hear me say about a hundred times that on HGTV it would have been done already or HGTV doesn't do it that way.

We also celebrated Brother's birthday! He is much older than this picture makes him appear. I will always love being around my brother no matter how old he gets.
I know. I know. You want to see the finished tile floors. Let me tell you this tile has to be one of the best deals I have ever found. We purchased it at Surplus Warehouse when they had there yearly sale in May.

This is our new kitchen tile. It is a very nice 16" tile.

Our new bathroom tile which is a nice neutral 12" tile.


Randi said...

My hubs is a tile contractor and I must say that your hubs did a great job! It looks perfect!

Busty LaRue said...

WOW! You guys sure were busy! That tile is beautiful! Good job!